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Affordable Desalinators

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  • Canadian made on Vancouver Island
  • Marine or land-based applications
  • Simple design has proven reliability
  • Custom design & installation
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to operate and service
  • Reliable after-sale service
  • Affordable pricing

Available Models:

WWED 30 Engine Driven Kit

WWED30 Kit - Click to enlarge

Engine Driven watermaker comes as a kit with most of the components you need to install in a sail or power boat. Kit comes with complete installation/operation manual and CD.

Output: 30 US gal./hour (720 US gal./day)*
As a self-installation kit.
Price: $4800 CAD


WWMD20 Kit - Click to enlarge
  A compact electric motor and high pressure pump unit that plugs directly into a 110 power outlet. Show here is an installation kit.

Output: 20 US gal./hour (480 US gal./day)*
WWMD20 WWMD20C (Not shown)
As a self-installation kit. As a completely assembled cabinet with all of the components installed.
Cabinet Size: 22"W x 12"D x 14"H
Price: $4800 CAD Price: $5400 CAD

WWMD30   A compact electric motor and high pressure pump unit. 110v/220v industrial motor, upgradeable to 55 gal./hour.

Output: 30 US gal./hour (720 US gal./day)*
As a self-installation kit. As a completely assembled cabinet with all of the components installed.
Price: $5200 CAD Price: $5800 CAD


WWMD55C Cabinet Model - Click to enlarge
  Driven by 2 HP electric motor (110 or 220V). Show here is a cabinet model.

Output: 55 US gal./hour (1,320 US gal./day)*
As a self-installation kit. (Not shown) As a completely assembled cabinet with all of the components installed.
Cabinet Size:
24"W x 12"D x 14.5"H
Price: $6700 CAD Price: $7300 CAD

WWSED 55 Portable Land-based
WWSED55 Land-Based - Click to enlarge
  This model is driven by a 5.5 hp Honda gasoline engine and was developed as a land-based unit for owners of remote, water-front property where fresh water is either poor quality or non-existent. Where electricity is available, the gasoline engine can be replaced with a 110 or 220v electric motor.

Output: 55 US gal./hour (1,320 US gal./day)*

As a completely assembled portable system
Price: $7300 CAD
Custom Watermakers
Custom 110 US gal./hour cabinet - Click to enlarge
  Wolf Watermakers can build custom watermakers up to 150 US gal./hour (3600 US gal./day)*.

Shown here is a 110 US gal./hour cabinet; a combination of two 55 units that can be operated independently to produce 55 US gal./hour (1,320 US gal./day)*. Alternatively, when both units run simultaneously, the production rate will be 110 US gal./hour (2,640 US gal./day)*

Custom Installation

Fig 1 - Click to enlarge

Fig 2 - Click to enlarge


Fig 3 - Click to enlarge

These are just three examples of the creative ways Wolf Watermakers have made custom installations. Figure 1 is a typical engine-driven pump installation.
Figure 2 is an excellent example of Wolf Watermakers working with the customer to solve a problem. Here, limited space in the cockpit of a sailboat was the crucial factor in this panel installation. The “shoebox” contains all the operating controls and gauges and is located inside a storage locker. The flush bucket hoses can be snapped in place by means of two quick-connects when making water. 
Figure 3 is a typical control panel installed in the wheelhouse of a power boat.

Pre-sales service for self-installation

 The simple design of Wolf Watermaker desalinators enables a person with the basic maintenance skills of plumbing and wiring to make their own installation. A descriptive CD program explains and shows the circuit diagram and component layout. A comprehensive slide program shows the correct procedure for attaching the hydraulic fittings on the high pressure hose.
To help you determine which system is best suited to your situation, please contact us.

Optional accessories



All watermakers come with a one year warranty. They are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and material. Not warranted against misuse, abuse or improper installation/operation. See operating and installation manual for proper operating procedures.

* Note: Water output is rated by the membrane manufacturer. Actual product water output is dependant on water chemistry, water temperature, operating pressure and up to a plus or minus 15% variation in membrane performance. For example, 2 different 30 gal/hour membranes could range from 26 to 34 gal/hour under identical operating conditions.

And, the last word - from a lady who just returned to Canada after six years of sailing with her husband in the South Pacific with a Wolf Watermaker on board:
"I would give up my husband before I would give up my watermakers!"



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